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Governing Board recognizes 'Springs Protection Awareness Month'

The Governing Board for the Northwest Florida Water Management District proclaimed the month of April as “Springs Protection Awareness Month.”

Board members passed a resolution during last week’s Governing Board meeting to recognize the work done by District staff to restore and protect springs in northwest Florida.

The District’s boundaries stretch from Escambia County in the west to the western part of Jefferson County in the east and includes more than 250 springs. 

The resolution passed by the Board is as follows:

WHEREAS, northwest Florida is home to more than 250 springs, including five first magnitude springs, and

WHEREAS, springs are essential to the environment, economy, residents of, and visitors to, northwest Florida, and

WHEREAS, springs also provide important recreational resources and opportunities that are enjoyed by residents and visitors alike, and

NOW, THEREFORE, Be It Resolved by the Governing Board of the Northwest Florida Water Management District:

That April 2022 is recognized as “Springs Protection Awareness Month.”