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Statement on prescribed burn conducted April 8 in Santa Rosa County

HAVANA – On Friday, April 8, the Northwest Florida Water Management District conducted a prescribed burn on approximately 2,000 acres within the Garcon Point Water Management Area in Santa Rosa County, a parcel which had not been burned since March 14, 2017.

Careful planning, including consultation with the Florida Forest Service, takes place before the District conducts any prescribed burn. A variety of factors are analyzed, including fuel type, fuel moisture, relative humidity, air temperature, wind speed, wind direction, and many others. 

All prescribed burns conducted by the District are authorized by the Florida Forest Service, which has exclusive authority of most prescribed burns in the state. 

The Florida Forest Service accepted the District’s burn plan and issued authorization on Thursday, April 7, (authorization #2022033462) and then again on the morning of April 8 (this time, verbally).  

After authorization was received, the prescribed burn began at 9 a.m. on April 8. Approximately two-and-a-half hours later, the wind direction shifted and caused the fire to break containment in the northeastern portion of the property. 

District staff and staff from Florida Forest Service immediately concentrated efforts on containment. Thanks to the hard work of all involved, the fire in that area was contained late that afternoon. 

The District conducts between 60-70 prescribed burns each year totaling approximately 8,000-10,000 acres.