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Permitting Process

How do you obtain a permit?

There are two types of water use permits: general and individual. Applicants qualify for a general water use permit if they obtain a well construction permit and are exempt from the requirements of an individual water use permit. Exemptions vary depending on the area in which the well is located. 

An individual water use permit is required for any use of water which is non-exempt and does not qualify for a general water use permit.  To apply for an individual water use permit, applicants must submit a completed water use permit application and appropriate processing fee to the District.


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The District strongly recommends that potential applicants schedule a meeting with Regulatory Services staff before submitting an application.  This pre-application meeting helps identify and address potential issues in the application.

Upon receipt of an application, the applicant will be notified by the District within 30 days if the application is complete.  If incomplete, additional information required in order to complete the application will be itemized in a request for additional information; this information shall be submitted to the District within 90 days. 

The District will notify the applicant of the date on which the application is deemed complete, after which District staff will prepare a staff report with recommendations to be taken before the Executive Director or Governing Board.

What happens after a permit is issued?

Water use permits are granted with standard and specific conditions that may require conservation efforts, reporting, water level monitoring, water quality monitoring, pumpage submittals, and/or other reports to be submitted to the District on an annual, biennial, or quarterly basis. Please review your permit closely when you receive it. Your permit is an important legal document and should be kept in a safe place.