Agricultural Assistance Team


The District’s Agriculture Team is available to help agricultural producers with the permitting and compliance issues, best management practices, cost share opportunities, and other areas. The team consists of District staff from both the Regulatory Services and Resource Management divisions, with a variety of expertise, who are ready to partner with the agricultrural community to manage and protect the water and natural resources of the Florida panhandle.

Permitting Assistance

Since 1992, the District has offered a program where regulatory staff would meet with members of the agriculture industry–farmers, ranchers, and tree farmers–to help explain the regulatory programs that might affect their day-to-day operations, including Water Use, Well Construction, Environmental Resource, and other surface water project permits.

These meetings serve a dual purpose: to help the agricultural community understand the permits that might be required for their activities and how to obtain them, while also helping the District provide protection for nearbly water and natural resources.  By proactively engaging the agricultural community and individual farmers and ranchers before they apply for permits, during the permit and permit modification processes, and in complying with permit requirements, the AgTeam will assist growers throughout all aspects of District permitting.

The Ag Team works to streamline the permitting process and enhance assistance provided to growers. By working closely with growers on District permits required for some operations, the Ag Team helps simplify and accelerate the permitting process, reduce permitting duplication, and assist growers in obtaining and complying with permits.

Best Management Practices and Cost-Shares

The Ag Team also works to help farmers identify ways to improve practices to reduce water use and improve water quality through reduced fertilizer use, including through the use of the Mobile Irrigation Lab and innovative programs such as Sod-Based Crop Rotation.

Ag Team Contacts

David Cambron (Team Leader)
Mobile Irrigation Laboratory, sod based crop rotation, cost share programs
(850) 951-4672

Kristine Locke
Consumptive uses of water, crop water needs
(850) 539-5999

Tom Brown
Well construction
(850) 539-5999

Ken Greenwood
Silviculture Best Management Practices (BMPs), wetland identification, environmental impact analysis
(850) 921-2986