In-Lieu Fee Program

A component of the Umbrella Plan, the federally-permitted NWFWMD In-Lieu Fee Program (approved by the USACE 3/18/2015) consists of seven mitigation areas covering six major watersheds.

ILF Projects

The NWFWMD Umbrella Plan and In-Lieu Fee Program provide mitigation options for FDOT when use of a mitigation bank is not available.  These programs do not compete with private mitigation banks.


NWFWMD ILF Credit Ledger (9/8/2021)

NWFWMD ILF Final Instrument (3/18/2015)

USACE Approval Letter (SAJ-2011-00287-TMF, 3/18/2015)

In-Lieu Fee Mitigation Service Areas (Web Mapping Application)

Map of In-Lieu Fee Sites (PDF)

ILF Project Plans

ILF Program Reports