Five-Year Water Resource Development Work Program

Five-Year Water Resource Development Work Program

The Five-Year Water Resource Development Work Program provides a description of activities and funding to continue implementation of the District’s Region II Regional Water Supply Plan. Water supply development assistance activities in the region as well as Districtwide activities are also described.

Section 373.536, Florida Statutes, requires that this report be furnished within 30 days after adoption of the District’s final budget to the Governor, the President of the Senate, the Speaker of the House of Representatives, and the Secretary of the Department of Environmental Protection. Copies must also be provided to the chairs of all legislative committees and subcommittees having substantive or fiscal jurisdiction over water management districts and the governing boards of each county in which the district has jurisdiction or derives any funds for operations of the district.

The below “Proposed” reports are submitted prior to the availability of year-end financial data. The final reports, included in the March 1st Consolidated Annual Reports, account for all fiscal year spending.

Five-Year Water Resource Development Work Program

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