Ensuring a clean, adequate and reliable supply of water for the people and natural resources is one of the District’s core mission functions. All Floridians can help play a role in the protection and conservation of the state’s ground and surface water resources by following these water-savings tips or participating in these voluntary programs:

Water Conservation Brochures

50 Ways to Save Water


How you can help reduce the amount of water you use each day.


Florida Friendly Landscaping


Learn to landscape and garden the Florida way – the smart way to grow! By following the principles of Florida-Friendly Landscaping, you can conserve water, reduce fertilizer, use and still have a beautiful landscape. Visit to learn more.

Three R’s of Water (Reuse, Recycle and Reclaim)


Reusing, recycling, or reclaiming water preserves our water resources.

An Indoor Water Audit


Saving water could save you hundreds of dollars per year. Water audits – the process used to determine how much water you use – can help identify ways to save water.

Water Use Calculator


The Southwest Florida Water Management District’s Water Use Calculator allows you to estimate your water use each day and take a pledge to help conserve.

Resources for Industries

Florida Water Star Program


Homeowners and builders within the Northwest Florida Water Management District now have the opportunity to save water and money by participating in the Florida Water Star program.

Agricultural Water Conservation Programs


The District is committed to working with the agricultural community to identify Best Management Practices and other water-savings measures to help protect the region’s water and natural resources.