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Mobile Irrigation Lab

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An ongoing, joint effort between the District, the National Resource Conservation Service (NRCS), and the Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services (FDACS), the Northwest Florida Mobile Irrigation Lab (MIL) is a free and voluntary service that helps the agricultural community increase irrigation efficiency and conserve water resources while reducing operating costs.

Since the program began in 2005, the District has provided grant funding to support the MIL, which serves agricultural producers in 16 counties across the Panhandle.

MIL team members are invited to conduct on-site evaluations of agricultural irrigation systems, where they collect field data to evaluate system efficiency and generate recommendations for improvements and best management practices. These recommendations are designed to increase irrigation efficiency and minimize over-watering, benefitting both the grower and the environment. Overwatering can result in lower crop yields and higher operation costs, as well as increased water usage.

The MIL also works to educate agricultural customers and the general public on water conservation, irrigation planning, and irrigation management.

To date, team members have completed 777 evaluations, covering an irrigated area of more than 57,000 acres in northwest Florida. The practices put in place have helped farmers conserve approximately 9.25 million gallons of water per day — which totals more than 2.5 billion gallons of water saved across northwest Florida.

Mobile Irrigation Lab Handbook

This handbook contains guidance and support information for the Mobile Irrigation Labs from Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services

Evaluate Your Irrigation System

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Visit FDACS' website to learn  more about the Mobile Irrigation Lab program throughout Florida.

Contact Information

The Northwest Florida Mobile Irrigation Lab

4155 Hollis Drive
Marianna, FL 32448
Phone: (850) 482-0388
Fax:  (850) 526-2218