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Blackwater River Water Management Area

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The District owns several non-contiguous parcels scattered along the Blackwater River, totaling just under 381 acres.  The forest's natural stands of longleaf pine are among the remaining examples of the longleaf pine/wiregrass ecosystem that once covered much of the southeastern United States.  Other natural communities found on the area include hardwood swamped, mixed loblolly pine and hardwoods, and pitcher plants bogs. Some of the most beautiful stands of Atlantic white cedar in the State are found along the banks of the Blackwater River and it tributaries.  The forest is a critical habitat for many listed plants and animals, including the red-cockaded woodpecker, the pine barrens treefrog, the gopher tortoise, and the panhandle lily.  Blackwater's outstanding forest and water resources offer excellent opportunities for hunting, fishing, wildlife viewing, hiking, biking, camping, swimming, horseback ridning, and paddling.  A portion of the Florida National Scenic Trail traverses the area and is open to hikers year-round. 

Environmental Importance

The 381 acres of river floodplain that make up the Blackwater River Water Management Area were purchased to preserve and protect the water resources of the Blackwater River.


Counties: Santa Rosa           Nearby City/Town: Milton

Recreation Opportunities

  • Picnicking, boat ramp, boating, fishing, canoe launch, canoeing, hiking, wildlife viewing.
  • A small pavilion and picnic area with a portable toilet is located south of Ollinger Boat Ramp.
  • Hikers can hike Old River Trail, which runs through the Blackwater River Water Management Area.
  • Kayakers can use the kayak launch on Russell Harbor Landing Park.
  • Download maps showing the Blackwater River Paddling Trail by clicking here.


ATV's are prohibited.

Motorized vehicles allowed on designated roads only.