Escambia River Water Management Area

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High Water Notice

Water levels along the Escambia and Perdido rivers are rising into flood stage due to recent rainfall in the area. It is likely that flood waters will inundate access roads and including the roads to recreation areas, among others.

Recreational users in all NWFWMD recreation areas should keep a close eye on water levels and exercise caution. Driving through floodwaters on access roads can be dangerous and is strongly discouraged.


The Escambia River is approximately 240 miles long and flows out of south Alabama, traveling around 54 miles from the Florida state line to Escambia Bay. It ranks as the fourth largest river in Florida.  The river has a drainage basin covering 4,200 square miles, only 10 percent of which is in Florida.  The river harbors the richest assemblage of native North American freshwater fish of any Florida stream with 85 native freshwater species recorded from the river system.

Environmental Importance

The Escambia River Water Management Area contains a high diversity of plants and animals. Land coverage types include large acreages of hardwood forests, pine flatwoods, and estuary marshlands.


Counties: Escambia, Santa Rosa        Nearby City/Town: Pensacola, Molino

Recreation Opportunities

  • Camping, RV’s, picnicking, mobility, boat launch, boating, fishing, canoe launch, canoeing, hiking, wildlife viewing
  • Seasonal hunting


ATV’s are prohibited.

Motorized vehicles allowed on designated roads only.