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Garcon Point Water Management Area (WMA) is located on Route 191, approximately nine miles south of Milton in Santa Rosa county.  It is bordered by Escambia and Blackwater bays.  The District purchased this area to protect the water quality in the surrounding bays and to preserve the remaining natural habitats.  In all, the District has preserved 3,245 acres of wet prairie and saltmarsh, all of which is managed for water quality protection, natural habitat restoration, and public use.  One botanist titled Garcon Point the “Serengeti of carnivorous plants” because of its showy plants and the globally-imperiled panhandle lily.

Environmental Importance

These natural wetlands filter stormwater from adjacent lands and protect the water quality of the surrounding bays and their estuarine and marine ecosystems. This water management area is home to at least 13 endangered or threatened plant and animal species.  These include the imperiled panhandle lily and the rare Henslow and Le Conte’s sparrows.


Counties: Santa Rosa      Nearby City/Town: Milton, Gulf Breeze, Navarre

Recreation Opportunities

  • Hiking, wildlife viewing
  • A 2.7 mile trail, established through the preserve by the Florida Trail Association, is on Route 191, nine miles south of Milton.


ATV’s are prohibited.

Motorized vehicles allowed on designated roads only.